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Transport to School

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Home to school transport / families dropping off and picking up their child.

The home to school transport department organises daily transport to and from school; for children who meet Manchester’s transport policy. Buses and taxis have a driver and escort thus providing a valuable link between home and school. It is the parents' responsibility to deliver the student to the vehicle either at a pick up point or from home. The escort must not leave the vehicle at any time. Similarly, at the end of the day, parents need to collect their child from the bus.

They are given a maximum waiting time and are obliged to move off after this time to the next pick up. Drivers and escorts do their best to keep to the schedule, but are occasionally delayed by traffic conditions, breakdowns or weather. All families should have the mobile phone number of the escort. Many of our parents and carers now bring their children into school and collect them at the end of the school day.

Parents and carers are able to wait with their child from 8.50am. Staff will then collect the children from 9am. At the end of the school day, staff ensure that each child is then handed over to the familiar adult and signed out of school. Many of our families have other children to collect at nearby primary schools. In view of this challenge, we can accommodate some parents picking their children up from 3.00pm. Families who wish to request a pick up time of 3pm must write to the Head Teacher who will in turn respond via letter.

We support all our families in being safe at all times, and encourage all our children to walk safely across the car park. Th

The main number for Transport is 0161 219 6700. Arrival and departure from the school site is part of our safeguarding procedure and senior members of staff are on duty each morning and afternoon to ensure safety at all times as attendance registers are completed. Escorts, students and parents register all arrivals and departures.



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